Art for those who like to multitask

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Those of us who live in Las Vegas know what a jewel the Smith Center is. Audiences can experience great symphony productions, Broadway musicals, ballet, and so much more. But they may not realize that they can also view world class art on the grounds and in the lobby and public spaces of this beautiful building.

(photos courtesy of Google Images)

When you visit the Smith Center you can experience several outdoor sculptures like

Pipe Dream by Tim Bavington and sculptures of Fred W. and Mary B. Smith by William Behrends. Inside the lobby you can view the inspiring Genius in Flight by Benjamin Victor and paintings by notable artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Shawn Hummel, Ed Mell, David Ryan, and Miriam Shapiro.

The next time you go to the Smith Center for a performance arrive early and do some multi tasking, explore the wonderful art that surrounds you there. Or better yet sign up for one of the free tours of the public art and learn much more about it.

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