Neon Museum!

Visiting the Neon Museum is truly a unique experience. The Neon Boneyard is an outdoor exhibition space that highlights the history of Las Vegas through iconic neon signs. The signs in the main collection are restored and are lit up. Other signs awaiting restoration are housed in the north gallery. At sunset restored signs are lit up and unrestored signs are illuminated by ground lights. The sight is awesome.

The current exhibit Lost Vegas: Tim Burton @the Neon Museum has been extended until April 12. This is an exhibition of sculptural and digital installations that celebrates Burton’s link to Las Vegas. When the sun goes down, you can embark on a scavenger hunt as you search for Burton's uniquely created signs that are mingled in with the iconic signs found in the boneyard. Whether you are a fan of Burton's work or are unfamiliar with it, you will enjoy his unique artistry and this one of a kind experience.

(Photos courtesy of Andrea Noonoo 02/15/2020)


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