President's Day Weekend, Road Trip!

President's weekend is almost here; what a great opportunity for an outdoor trip not far from Las Vegas. You can easily combine a trip to the Lost City Museum in Overton and a stop at the magnificent Valley of Fire State Park. The museum features historic materials dating to the discovery of the Lost City.  The exhibit contains a wide range of artifacts representing the culture of the prehistoric Ancestral Puebloans. Visitors are encouraged to view 2 videos that give you information about the Paiutes, Moapa Valley archaeology and the intriguing story of the people and events that led to the discovery of Lost City. There's even an archaeological site, originally excavated during the 1930s that shows the various stages of excavation and some actual dwellings. So head out of Las Vegas and spend some time outdoors and indoors learning about the original inhabitants of our state. Happy President's Day!

(Photos courtesy of Google images 02/02/2020)

(Photos courtesy of Google images and Andrea Noonoo 07/15/2019)

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